The history of the production of TM ORGANICO organic oils began starts from the parents desire to feed their children with healthy natural food.

See the interview of the brand founders Elena and Oleg Drutis

TM ORGANICO oils are produced in Ukraine since 2012. The quality of organic vegetable oils TM ORGANICO has been tested and certified in a single Ukrainian organ for certification of organic production “Organic Standard”, which annually monitors the entire chain – from growing organic raw materials to producing high-quality organic products.

Sunflower, from which seeds oil is produced, is grown on the fertile lands of Kherson, without the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides, etc. In the process of production, the oil does not heat up to more than 40 degrees, therefore all the useful substances that are so necessary for the modern person are stored in it.

Oils TM ORGANICO has been sold for more than 5 years in most of the major retail national and local chains of Ukraine, niche stores, and exported to European countries.
The brand was one of the first to represent the organic market of Ukraine at the international exhibition BioFach in Nuremberg in 2014. At the moment TM ORGANICO is presented at the most significant exhibitions around the world.
The range of organic oils TM ORGANICO includes: sunflower, sunflower vysokooleinovoe, linseed, rapeseed, red and soybean oil.

Organic vegetable oils
Organico is the source of health!

In Germany they are called Bio, in Holland - Eco. The English use the word Organic - all synonyms for marking oils with special origins. They are distinguished by purity - genetic, chemical, mechanical.

absence of GMOs and their derivatives

Extra virgin. Oils are produced at a temperature not exceeding 40 *

without herbicides and pesticides – without the chemistry that stimulates growth and yield

do not contain artificial colors, flavors, thickeners and other food chemistry.

In fact, we have returned to the origins – our ancestors did like that when we lived in harmony with nature. It`s needed to say that organic oil is in hundred times more useful for health than usual. And it is absolutely harmless even for sensitive children’s organisms.

By the way, in the UK, the production of organic products, including oils, in the industrial scale was taken up by Prince Charles. In the 80’s he opened a farm that established the production of products labeled Organic.

Специалисты Органик Стандарт контролируют производство масла на всех этапах. Вплоть до замеров чистоты почвы перед посевом! Они присутствовали при самом первом отжиме и постоянно посещают предприятие для замеров чистоты органического растительного масла. Их маркировка – это высшая оценка для органических продуктов!

Создание органического растительного масла - это дань растущей необходимости потреблять чистые, здоровые продукты! Продукты питания не просто обеспечивают нас энергией на день – они меняют качество жизни, как в лучшую, так и худшую сторону.

Промышленники стремятся выжимать из семян 99% масел, используя бензиновые растворители! Бензиновая пленка на поверхности масла – явление настолько частое, что многие к нему попросту привыкли. Может ли это масло быть полезным, здоровым?

Наша цель получить из чистого сырья только тот минимум, который несет в себе максимальную пользу для организма. Вкусные, ароматные, богатые на витамины и омега-кислоты масла: подсолнечное, высокоолеиновое, льняное, рапсовое, и даже единственное в Украине рыжиковое!

На здоровье!